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Annual Meeting

June 9, 2008  

 Starting at:  10:30 a.m.

Roberts Wesleyan College/Northeastern Seminary

Rochester, N.Y.

Host:  Barry Hamilton  http://www.roberts.edu/

A Word from the President:

Welcome to the LITANY website! LITANY is a newly-formed consortium of libraries and librarians in upstate New York that is devoted to the promotion of theological librarianship and collaboration for the sake of enhancing the services and collections of its member libraries.

Although theological libraries in other regions of the country already have existing consortia of theological libraries, up until now such a group has not existed for the 15+ theological libraries in upstate New York. During the past year, several theological librarians from libraries here in upstate New York have been discussing this lack of a regional consortium. In April 2006 we formed LITANY to address this need.

We believe that this new consortium will benefit its member libraries in the following ways: interlibrary lending of books and tapes, access to serials holdings, problem-solving through collaboration, group discounts, and the trade of gift items. Librarians at these institutions stand to benefit by having access to continuing education, consultation, mentoring, and the synergy that arises from collaboration with colleagues in similar work settings.

I am delighted to serve as the first president of LITANY. Please feel free to contact me with your ideas and suggestions for how LITANY can serve its members. I look forward to seeing what things we can accomplish as we work together to promote our libraries in the region.

J. James Mancuso

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